Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Washington, DC

Walter Reed Army Medical Center is named after Major Walter Reed, an army surgeon who led the team which discovered how yellow fever is transmitted. The first patients were admitted in May 1, 1901. Since its original bed capacity of 80 patients, the facility has grown to approximately 5,500 rooms covering more then 28 acres of floor space serving more than 150,000 active and retired personnel from all branches of the military.

MarChuk Construction Company Inc was the general contractor at the Electrical Switch Station upgrade project at Walter Reed. The project upgraded the central heating plant that provided heat for the entire military facility. MarChuk's work included demolition of the existing heating plant facility and its replacement in kind. Work included new utilities, new structural footers with associated slab on grade, walls and steel roofing. MarChuk also provided complete upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems as well as all required finishes.